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The Dinner


[Epic - Part VII - Chapter 1] 

(The Existential Kabab Paradox) 

"They laughed at Jules Verne, too." Said Ibrahim Moosa Issa, blowing two perfect smoke rings. A cuban feels particularly exhilarating after a hearty Mediterranean dinner.

"Yes, but that's because he'd shown up wearing an Elf's costume that day at the stock exchange - never a committed stockbroker was he." Chuckled Delvira and lilted her delicately balanced port filled crystal goblet to admire her own deposited thick smoke from an unfiltered Camel straight. No one knew why, but she always preferred this combination of wine and nicotine after dinners, no matter where or when.

Where in this case was the plush study of HRH Prince Charles Bin Abdel Kabir. When, was a matter different altogether, for if asked today, they'd all sigh and nod their heads in solemn nostalgia.

Lord Noorali Luqmanjee smiled mischievously and wrapped the remainder of his betelnutchew concoction back into its pure silk parchment to neatly stuff inside the emerald emblazoned platinum case. "Of course you do realize that a person as brilliantly prophetic at least in writing as Verne wasn't just a writer, don't you."

Moosa Issa, Delvira, and Abdel Kabir looked at Luqmanjee with amazement...

"You don't say...!" Wondered Abdel Kabir raising his eyebrows.

Luqmanjee continued to wrap his saffron-soaked chew quietly with a broadening grin.

"Argh... the old man's upto his secrets again, eh?" Delvira said with annoyance. Moosa Issa and Abdel Kabir shook their heads and laughed.

"Looks like old Zambian philosophical jokes are back for dessert then?" George Balooney said as he and Fatima Burrito entered the room.

Burrito threw herself longingly on a couch deeper than Haleji Lake.  "Ahh... you have to tell me who does your furniture, Charlie." She moaned luxuriously. "Don't wake me before Armageddon."

"What I want to know is how to kidnap Charlie's Kabab chef. Shish Taouq was superb. Would he by any chance fancy a Beverly Hills kitchen or are you holding his village up in slavery or something?" Balooney asked Abdel Kabir while pouring himself a brandy.

"I thought you Hollywood gringos only favoured TexMex trained Latinos for fun and frolic." Venezuelan Delvira threw a bait, which Balooney almost took but avoided just in time.

"Why, you offering someone you know?" Replied Balooney and winked at which Delvira pretended to choke on her drink and Burrito sniggered loudly from her interrupted nap.

Moosa Issa squinted from his chessboard in the far corner and exchanged a look with Abdel Kabir sitting opposite.

"Sorry, my lord. But this was your idea." Abdel Kabir said with a suppressed smile.

"Oh let them be merry while they can." Moosa Issa advanced his rook.

"Nice. But Charlie has the game in four moves." Luqmanjee glanced at the board and said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"He who thinks predicts loss wins not but loses." Said Ibrahim 'Abu Boubou' Moosa Issa.

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