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The Secret


[Epic - Part III - Chapter 1] 

(A Judeo-Christian, Judeo-Islamic, Christian-Islamic and Judeo-Christian-Islamic Psychological Thriller Based on Actual Real-life Events Surrounding Steve Job's Sermon during Apple's iPad Launch) 

Dr Ibrahim Moosa Issa was a troubled man. And not just because of his name, which, as many people of faith reminded him, constituted a nomenclature and lineage of biblical proportions -- something he had to Wikipedia himself to discover what they were talking about. He was troubled, you see, because he wasn't a doctor at all, and because of something much more troubling.

Abraham Moses Jesus -- anglicized, latinized or romanized -- depending on how or where he was. Again, he had Googled a million times just to get this straight.

"Your name is sacred, my boy," his father, Professor Yousuf Yaqoub Yahya of the Grand Inter-faith University of Ancient Studies based in downtown Los Angeles, often use to tease the young Ibrahim. Ironically, Prof Yahya was not a real Professor either.

"I know dad, just like yours." Ibrahim always reminded his dad of his own name's profundity.

"Great religious significance, your name, with Judaism, Christianity and Islam, you understand." He could almost lip-sync his dad.

Several Hollywood movie moguls had tried and failed to re-brand his father as Professor Joe Jake Johnny because even the West-Coast-friendly Joseph Jacob John sounded too much like a day-time televangelist forgetting to bring his cue cards.

Yes, they were a very special family.

A family with deep roots and a terrible secret.

"You must guard what I've just told you with your life, my son." Yahya had demanded an oath from young Ibrahim as the frail professor rested on his deathbed.

Ibrahim Moosa Issa, upon hearing it, of course, was stunned beyond his wildest imagination and had to be administered nerve stabilizing substances at regular intervals, for a period of 3 years.

And now, 20 years later, Dr Issa watched with pain and horror at what was unfolding right before his eyes.

I must be dreaming. The future of humanity depended on him and him alone.

The self fulfilling prophecy was, to put it mildly, self-prophesying itself.

This isn't happening. He tried to calm his nerves.

The secret must be kept a secret. Dr Ibrahim Moosa Issa swore.

At any cost.

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