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The Rescue


[Epic - Part II - Chapter 2] 

(Haleji Hallelujah) 

"Is that what I think it is?!" Cried Fatima Burrito and jumped out of her hammock. Too bad it was her first time in a hammock and noone had really told her that one cannot actually jump out of a hammock.

She rolled and twisted helplessly. Fine nylon strings stretched and tightened with each attempt of hers to break loose -- like a bratty 8 year-old kindergarten toddler tries to open a cellophane-wrapped, saccharine-infested throatkiller candy.

George Balooney watched with a slightly amused smile as Burrito lay trapped in a nylon cobwebbed contraption that was now beginning to resemble a Merchant Ivory low-budget prop cleverly disguised to mimic a Ridley Scott production refuse.

No, perhaps a Scorcese rehearsal junk, hahaha, Balooney corrected himself and chuckled. But still, Ismail and James were never shy of using family members as cast or crew, either!! Hahaha!!

He laughed at his own little private joke, even when he knew he was the only one who would get it.

"Hey, don't just sit there!" Pleaded Burrito, now a complete mess, dangling like a Keith Floyd main-course: layers of seasoned, tender-loin parchments stuffed with fresh garden veggies and chef's very own exotic garnishing, tied beautifully with twine and all set to be skewered or baked to perfection.

Yuck! Balooney was never a big fan of English cuisine, the very term he considered an oxymoron anyway, though apparently Burrito's entire family had their privileged sons and daughters hogging on nothing but Yorkshire puddings and marmalade soaked muffins.

Burrito decided it was best to try and regain her composure as elegantly as possible. Surely the heiress to a fortune can't possibly ignore the possibility of some desperate Sunset Boulevard or Beverly Hills paparazzi hiding in Haleji Lake bushes trying to get a picture or two? Oh, the press! The press! And what with Balooney being an icon and all.

She struggled nonchalantly. Balooney couldn't watch any more and finally rescued her by untwisting the hammock, whacking her out of it, letting her land on the recliner he'd placed under the hammock, just in case.

"My hero!", said Burrito. She was going to ask her three maidservants to take down that thing and burn it until not a fibre of nylon saw the light of another scorching Sindhi day.

Such is the wrath of us Burritos. She resolved, completely satisfied with her vengeance plan. Equally and secretly swooned at how gallantly Balooney had rescued her.

"What made you jump out of the hammock anyway?" asked Balooney, sipping a tall glass of sweet yogurt and milk Lussie cocktail as the maidservants liked to call it. Still, he always spiked it generously with an Absolut straight out of the Burritos' well stocked bar.

"Oh yes, Gosh!" Burrito suddenly remembered, sat upright on the recliner, and pointed her finger towards what she'd seen. "Can you see?"

Balooney, leaning back on his recliner comfortably, groaned and followed her finger.

Something at a distance, on the Haleji Lake. He squinted to focus.

What the...?

Then like a bolt of lightening, Balooney rose up straight. This can't be...!

The Lussie cocktail glass dropped, crashing down on the limestone pavement.

Oh my sweet lord... Balooney felt his heart stop. This is impossible!

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