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The Romance


[Epic - Part II - Chapter 1] 

(The Romantic Republic) 

"The problem with being an atheist is, my dear," he flicked the cigarette expertly like Eastwood never did, then quickly ducked in vain as the butt boomeranged back towards him along the evening wind's wild, strong gust... "that it is really your own problem." He cursed silently and brushed the smoldering remains off his Armani. Damn, he thought, will have to get it drycleaned yet again this week.

Her hair blew in the wind, as gracefully as a runway model picks herself up after a nasty fall because the oh-so-mighty Bhatti was hellbent on her wearing 6-inch high heels with a dress that was obviously designed by Mullah Omar's tailor. No, bad analogy. It was more like Queen Rania spraining her ankle while stooping out of a Karachi rickshaw.

"Yes, and Rome wasn't built in a day." She replied coldly. He considered the relevance of her statement for a long time, then shrugged it off. Apparently Larkana was.

Fatima Burrito, however, had her mind elsewhere. She remembered how George Balooney was desperately charming her with his wit in Paris, quite literally, by hiring a Sadhu from Calcutta playing a been pipe over a 60-pound cobra -- chanting "wit... wit... wit" four and a half weeks straight. She had to relent.

"To be or not to be, that's not really a question, you know." George quoted a Frenchman's contempt for the Shakespearean onslaught.

"Really? Adnan Sami Khan would be worried about that." Fatima stood up and walked towards the railing that separated them from the vastness of Haleji Lake waters. The patio that her great grand-father had built to entertain British colonial visitors, most of who couldn't even pronounce their surname properly.

What on earth is she babbling about? He pretended to check his mobile for an incoming text and punched in a few keys, only to mess up configuration options which made his phone forward all calls to some goddamned number in Malawi. Jeezus...

He thought about Imran Khan dating Jemima, Princess Diana dating Dr Hasnat Khan, and Britney Spears dating Adnan Ghalib.

Damn these Pakistanis. What's their national slogan, he remembered his doorman shouting as their Cricket team had won. Oh yes, I remember...

"Pakistan say Zinda Bhaag!" He muttered.

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