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The Trap


[Epic - Part I - Chapter 3] 

(Leaping over the Luangwa

How ironic, he thought as he tried to make room for himself over the rusted cast-iron planks on the wildly chugging freight-car of the train: it rocked, rattled and screamed more than a bouncing cat inside an old canister of oil being kicked and hurtled by two 9-year old brats returning home from school after a bad day of getting bullied by Deishu the ugly, rat-faced fat 8th-grader.

Yes, Deishu paid for his sins two decades later when his ugly rat-faced 29-year old body was deposited unceremoniously back inside the bank which he'd tried to rob but failed after the getaway car developed serious transmission problems. While Deishu was scratching his head after opening the bonnet, he discovered painfully that the only transmission problem was between his brains and his body: for inspecting a getaway car for trouble right outside the bank you just robbed was not exactly Gary Kasparov beating Big Blue the-chess-playing-monkey. Oh, and also, one of the trigger-happy bank guards happened to be a boy who was bullied so much in school - by Deishu himself. The rest can be ridiculously obvious to the intelligent reader.

The other bullied boy, however, kept bouncing and stumbling for a comfortable hold inside a circa. 1892 freight car of the Great East Zambian Railroad along the Luangwa river. Then he noticed that he was not alone in the darkened compartment, and realized he was not even in a darkened compartment to begin with.

He had jumped on to a freight-car that was loaded with another container with an accidentally loose little door just ajar enough for one man. And out of some cruel twist of fate, his calculated jump to board the freight train had landed him right inside the container within the freight-car within the freight train and closed the accidentally opened door behind him with a huge metallic clunk that sounded like when that death-deserving-creep living upstairs drops a frying pan on the floor and wakes you up early Sunday morning.

He was trapped, like a razor blade detaches itself during shaving and drops down inside the half open sink drain - leaving one fuming with early-morning swear words and face half white.

And he was not alone in the car.

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