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The Train


[Epic - Part I - Chapter 2] 

(Train Across the Ocean) 

He kept on walking until the land gave way to the ocean, which in fact was a muddy swamp of a river but he had flunked elementary geography in high school. Out of a corner of his eye he could feel the bi-plane now spiralling like a moth on three screwdrivers and eight tequila shots, so he rubbed his eyes violently because the corner of his eye had caught an eyelash and there was no kamikaze bi-plane anywhere.

The bi-plane had indeed disappeared, and along with it, his hopes of rescuing the Queen of Euquay and his desires to encounter surly Delvira again. He sighed remorsefully - only to realize that he sighed because he had treaded on heavily and squelched a pair of mating tarantulas. Ah, at least he had saved some poor farm animal going berserk in the middle of the night after being bitten by them and as a result, helped a farmer's son steal his father's tractor and heading off to the bright lights of the city (the farmer would have woken up to the squealing bitten animal running amok and would have caught his absconding son, he reasoned.)

Sell the tractor and don't spend it all on the first innocent looking damsel in economically attired distress, he wished the boy all the luck.

Looking back at the ocean again, he marvelled at God's great handiwork. What he mistook was the crisscrossing patterns created by the Great East-Zambian Railroad's ancient signalling system to be God's marvellous handiwork across the river bank.

Still, he should've known better. For the wailing train whistle told him his days in Africa were about to be history - or his future, because he often confused the two.

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